What do i need to rent an ORV?

You need a valid driver’s license with you at the time of rental and you need some type of protective eye covering. There is a security deposit of $500.00 that must be paid before using our rentals. 

Can we change Drivers?


As long as there is a valid unrestricted drivers license on file for every driver and meet the age requirements You are allowed to switch drivers (Except for single seat quads and mopeds).

What if i get stuck?

Our ORV’s have 4 wheel drive and that is a big help but not a substitute for common sense or experience. You will also be instructed on how to get unstuck yourself in the speech your instructor gives you before you leave.  Please pay attention to this speech. if your stuck to the point where u cant get out yourself give the shop a call and our dune patrol will come and assist.

I want to take my own 4x4 out on the dunes what do I need?

You will need several things:

  • A State Park sticker, Trail permit and an ORV sticker. All are available at the DNR Welcome Center.
  • ORV flag. This must be attached to the front of your vehicle if you sit in the vehicle. If you sit on the vehicle (ATV or motorcycle) the flag must go on the back. We sell several differently priced flags. We also sell many brackets to help attach the flag to your vehicle.  We design all our flag brackets and have welding and machining on site for any installation challenges.
  • Air gauge. You will need to have an air gauge so you can deflate your tires to approx. 12 lbs. or less while on the dunes. You will then need to reinflate them when you leave the ORV area before driving on the highway.
  • If you have further questions, please check out Michigan Department of Natural Resources for further information.

Why do i need to pay a security deposit?

Nobody sets out to damage an ORV but accidents do happen.  The renter is responsible for all damages to the vehicle rented, all passengers and other persons or vehicles involved in any accidents.  Any remaining rental time plus the $500 damage deposit will be forfeited in the event of an accident.  If the damages incurred are in excess of the $500 damage deposit, the balance will be charged as well.

What if i have more questions?

You can visit our contact us part of our website or call our store 231.923.2455 EXT1